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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

29 December 2015
"Guido Cazzavillan" Fellowship awarded to CSEF fellow Salvatore Morelli

"The “Guido Cazzavillan” Research Fellowship is open to Italian economists wishing to pursue a research project on strategies to overcome inequalities and poverty, with particular attention to developing countries, at an international university or research centre of excellence.

Read the final reportof the Commission for further details.

19 December 2015
Grant award to Research Fellow Imma Marino

CAREFIN and the Paolo Baffi Centre on International Markets, Money and Regulation (Bocconi University) have awarded a research grant to Research Fellow Imma Marino for her project on "Bad loans and resource allocation in European banks. Evidence from the crisis years", joint with Brunella Bruno.

16 December 2015
"VisitINPS" Scholarship awarded to two CSEF fellows.

CSEF Fellows Annalisa Scognamiglio and Edoardo Di Porto have been awarded VisitINPS scholarships by the Italian Social Security Institute (INPS).

For further details about the winning projects and the ranking please click HERE

Within the VisitINPS scholar project the Institute opens up its data archives to international scholars interested in spending a study visit in Rome, at the INPS headquarters. INPS compiles Italy’s richest data archives on the Italian social security system, pensions, labor market, income support measures, and, more broadly, on welfare related issues.

For further information on the program, please visit the website

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