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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

8 December 2016
Chicago Booth’s Initiative on Global Markets launches a new panel of leading European economic experts

The new European IGM Economic Experts Panel is composed of 50 economists from 27 major universities and business schools. Its main goal is to explore the experts’ views on some of the most important policy questions facing Europe– issues such as trade, migration, taxes, banks, markets, and competition.

Professor Marco Pagano, from the Center for Studies of Economics and Finance (CSEF) contributes to the Panel. Other panelists include Olivier Blanchard, former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund; Nobel laureate Christopher Pissarides; and faculty from an array of schools such as Bocconi University, the University of Zurich, the London School of Economics, and Chicago Booth. The four Booth faculty members are: Veronica Guerreri, Christian Leuz, Lubos Pastor, and Canice Prendergast.

IGM’s European Economic Expert panel website

27 September 2016
video - First ESRB annual conference - ​ presentation on safe assets in Europe

Marco Pagano​ ​and Markus Brunnermeier present their work​ "ESBies: Safety in the Tranches" at the First ESRB annual conference.

Watch the video

23 September 2016
Se le case valgono meno i consumi non crescono

Leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera refers to the research on the effect of property taxation on Italian house prices by Tommaso Oliviero and Annalisa Scognamiglio.

Read the article

21 September 2016
2 PRIN grants awarded to the Dep. of Economics of University of Naples "Federico II"

On September 20, the national research projects on “The Economics of Old Age Risks” coordinated by Tullio Jappelli and on “Labor and Finance” coordinated by Marco Pagano have been funded by the Ministry of the University and Research (€ 615,701 and € 339,701, respectively).

Leggi l’annuncio ministeriale

16 May 2016
Pareto Lecture by Marco Pagano

​On May 6, Marco Pagano delivered the 2016 Vilfredo Pareto Lecture at the Collegio Carlo Alberto​. The topic of the lecture was on ​"Employment and Wage Insurance within Firms". The Lecture was preceded by an introduction by Giovanna Nicodano. Video intro - Video Lecture- Slides


20 April 2016
Plans to stop collecting data on wealthiest 1% in UK criticised by IFS

20 April 2016
The distribution of household wealth in the UK

19 April 2016
The Sovereign-Bank Diabolic Loop and ESBies

25 February 2016
Free Lunch: Mars v Venus on fixing the banks -

23 February 2016
The Brexit of UK Banking - Project Syndicate

8 February 2016
Giuseppe Russo interviewed by Il Giornale on welfare state and migration