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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

7 February 2011 – h. 5 pm
Paolo Buonanno (Università di Bergamo)
Advocatus, et non Latro? Testing the Supplier-Induced Demand Hypothesis for Italian Courts of Justice (with M.M. Galizzi)

14 February 2011 – h. 5 pm
Denis Gromb (INSEAD)
Financially Constrained Arbitrage and Cross-Market Contagion

21 February 2011 – h. 5 pm
Giacomo Calzolari (Università di Bologna)
Competition with Exclusive Contracts and Market-share Discounts (with V. Denicolò)

23 February 2011 – h. 1.00 pm
Randi Hjalmarsson (School of Economics and Finance, QMUL)
Jury Discrimination in Criminal Trials (with S. Anwar and P. Bayer)

28 February 2011 – h. 5 pm
Hamish Low (University of Cambridge)
Do consumers gamble to convexify? (with T. Crossley and S. Smith)

1 March 2011 – h. 1,15 pm
Andrea Beltratti (Università Bocconi)
The Value Relevance of Write-downs during the Subprime Financial Crisis (with N. Spear and M.D. Szabo)

14 March 2011 – h. 5 pm
Arnold Chassagnon (Paris School of Economics)
Multiple Lenders, Strategic Default and the Role of Debt Covenants

21 March 2011 – h. 5 pm
Giovanni Peri (University of California)
The Wage Effects of Immigration and Emigration

28 March 2011 – h. 5 pm
Shmuel Zamir (The Hebrew University)
Extending the Condorcet Jury Theorem to a General Dependent Jury (with B. Peleg)

4 April 2011 – h. 5 pm
Tommaso Nannicini (Università Bocconi)
Do Fiscal Rules Matter? A Difference-in-Discontinuities Design (with V. Grembi and U. Troiano)

11 April 2011 – h. 5 pm
Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College London)
Pharmaceutical Innovation and Parallel Trade (with A.R. Bennato)

13 April 2011 – h. 1 pm
Pierluigi Conzo (Università di Roma "Tor Vergata")
Violence, Social Capital and Economic Development: Evidence of a Microeconomic Vicious Circle (with L. Becchetti and A. Romeo)

18 April 2011 – h. 5 pm
Albrecht Glitz (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Referral-based Job Search Networks (with C. Dustmann and U. Schönberg)

2 May 2011 – h. 5 pm
Fabian Waldinger (University of Warwick)
How Much Did German-Jewish Émigrés Benefit U.S. Invention?

11 May 2011 – h. 1 pm
Maarten Lindeboom (University of Amsterdam)
The Long Run Effects of the World War II Famine on Health and Socio-economic Status

13 May 2011 – h. 1 pm
Xavier Freixas (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Bank Liquidity, Interbank Markets, and Monetary Policy (with A. Martin and D. Skeie)

18 May 2011 – h. 1 pm
Dezsö Szalay (BGSE, Bonn Universitat)
Screening and the Positive Correlation Between Risk and Incentives

23 May 2011 – h. 5 pm
Daniele Condorelli (University of Essex)
Bilateral Trading in Networks

25 May 2011 – h. 12 am
Sergey Stepanov (New Economic School (NES), Moscow)
Takeovers under Asymmetric Information: Block Trades and Tender Offers in Equilibrium

30 May 2011 – h. 5 pm
Raffaella Giacomini (UCL)
The Econometrics of DSGE Models

6 June 2011 – h. 5 pm
Volker Nocke (University of Oxford)
Vertical Relations under Credit Constraints (with J. Thanassoulis)

8 June 2011 – h. 1 pm
Miguel Palacios (Vanderbilt University)
Debt Aversion

26 September 2011 – h. 5 pm
Mark Van Achter (Rotterdam School of Management)
Internalization, Clearing and Settlement, and Liquidity (with H. Degryse and G. Wuyts)

3 October 2011 – h. 5 pm
Gilles Chemla (Imperial College Business School)
Skin in the Game and Moral Hazard (with C.A. Hennessy)

10 October 2011 – h. 5 pm
Nicola Borri (Università Luiss)
Sovereign Risk Premia

17 October 2011 – h. 5 pm
Henry Mak (EUI)
Public Report, Price, and Quality (with C.A. Ma)

24 October 2011 – h. 5 pm
Marco Li Calzi (Università Ca’ Foscari)
The Power of Diversity Over Large Solution Spaces (with O. Surucu)

7 November 2011 – h. 5 pm
Pierluigi Conzo (EEIF)
Public Disclosure of Players? Conduct and Common Resources Harvesting: Experimental Evidence from a Nairobi Slum

14 November 2011 – h. 5 pm
Philippe Bich (CES-Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne)
Sharing Rule Equilibria for Discontinuous Games

21 November 2011 – h. 5 pm
Partha Deb (Hunter College)
Health Outcomes of Migrants: the Italian Experience (with V. Atella)

28 November 2011 – h. 5 pm
Esther Hauk (Instituto de Análisis Económico)
Immigration and the School System (with F. Albornoz and A. Cabrales)

5 December 2011 – h. 2.30 pm
Hans Degryse (Tilburg University)
On the Non-Exclusivity of Loan Contracts: An Empirical Investigation (with V. Ioannidou and E. von Schedvin)

12 December 2011 – h. 2.30 pm
Jakub Kastl (Stanford University)
The 2007 Subprime Market Crisis Through the Lens of European Central Bank Auctions for Short-Term Funds (with N. Cassola and A. Hortacsu)

19 December 2011 – h. 5 pm
Francesco Nava (London School of Economics)
Efficiency in Repeated Two-Action Games with Local Monitoring (with M. Piccione)