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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

13 January 2009 – 5 p.m.
Luigi Balletta (Yale University and University of Palermo)
Full Extraction of Surplus in Dynamic Mechanisms

20 January 2009 – h. 5 p.m.
Domenico Giannone (European Central Bank)
Large Bayesian VARs (with M. Banbura and L. Reichlin)

27 January 2009 – 5 p.m.
Carlo Altavilla (University of Naples "Parthenope")
Information Combination and Forecast (st)ability. Evidence from vintages of time-series data (with M. Ciccarelli)

5 February 2009 – h. 3.30 p.m.
Loretti I. Dobrescu (University of Padua)
To Love or to Pay: On Consumption, Health and Health Care

5 February 2009 – h. 5.00 p.m. JOB MARKET SEMINAR
Alberto Motta (University of Padua)
Collusion and Selective Supervision

6 February 2009 – h. 12.00 p.m.
Stefano Sacchetto (London Business School)
Preemptive Bidding, Target Resistance and Takeover Premia: An Empirical Investigation (with Theodosios Dimopoulos)

10 February 2009 – 5 p.m. JOB MARKET SEMINAR
Paolo Casini (ECARES)
Competition and Altruism in Microcredit Markets

3 March 2009 – h. 3 p.m.
Valerio Ercolani (Bocconi University)
The Effect of Government Consumption on Private Consumption: Macro Evidence from Micro Data (with N. Pavoni)

10 March 2009 – h. 5 p.m.
Katja Maria Kaufmann (Bocconi University)
Understanding the Income Gradient in College Attendance in Mexico: The Role of Heterogeneity in Expected Returns to College

24 March 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Erich Battistin (Università di Padova)
Misclassified Treatment Status and Treatment Effect Application to Returns to Education in the UK (with B. Sianesi)

31 March 2009 – h. 5 p.m. – University of Salerno
Giovanni Sulis (Università di Cagliari)
Gender Wage Differentials in Italy: A Structural Estimation Approach

2 April 2009 – h. 1 p.m.
Maria Emilia Garcia Appendini (Bocconi University)
Do Derivatives Enhance or Deter Mutual Fund Performance? Evidence from Italy

7 April 2009 – h. 5 p.m.
In-Uck Park (Bristol University)
Reputation Online: an Adverse-selection Model without ’Committed’ Types (joint with B. Jullien)

21 April 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Adam Rosen (UCL)
Identification with Imperfect Instruments (joint with A. Nevo)

23 April 2009 – h. 3 p.m.
Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne State University)
Variational Analysis in Multiobjective Optimization and Equilibria

28 April 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Markus Reisinger (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Indirect Taxation in Vertical Oligopoly (with M. Peitz)

5 May 5 p.m. - University of Salerno
Tito Pietra (University of Bologna)
Income Tax, Subsidies to Education and Human Capital Accumulation in a Two-Sector
(with C. Mendolicchio and D. Paolini)

12 May 2009 – 5 p.m. – University of Salerno
Andrew Ellul (Indiana University)
Regulatory Pressure and Fire Sales in the Corporate Bond Market

19 May 2009 – 5 p.m.
Rossella Argenziano (University of Essex)
N-Player Preemption Games

9 June 5 p.m.
Fabio Braggion (Tilburg University)
Dividend Policies in an Unregulated Market: The London Stock Exchange 1895-1905

16 June 5 p.m.
Raji Jayaraman (ESMT European School of Management and Technology)
The Effect of Adversity on Process Innovation and Managerial Incentives

28 September 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Salvatore Piccolo (University of Napoli Federico II)
Colluding through Suppliers

5 October 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Eleonora Patacchini (University La Sapienza, Rome)
Juvenile Delinquency and Conformism (with Y. Zenou)

12 October 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Georg Duernecker (University of Mannheim)
Informational Frictions and the Life-Cycle Dynamics of Labor Market Outcomes

19 October 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Stefano Gagliarducci (University Tor Vergata, Rome)
Do Better Paid Politicians Perform Better? Disentangling Incentives from Selection (with T. Nannicini)

27 October 2009 – h. 5 p.m.
Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics)
Do Cultural Differences Between Contracting Parties Matter? Evidence from Syndicated Bank Loans (with Y. Yafeh).

4 November 2009 – h. 12.30
Francesco Flaviano Russo (University of Naples "Federico II" and CSEF)

9 November 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Stefania Albanesi (Columbia University)
Maternal Health and the Baby Boom

23 November 2009 – h. 5 p.m.
Giovanni Pica (University of Salerno)
Estate Taxation and Intergenerational Transfers (with T. Jappelli and M. Padula)

25 November 2009 – h. 12.30
Marco Pagano (University of Naples "Federico II")
Short-Selling Bans around the World: Evidence from the 2007-09 Crisis (with A. Beber)

14 December 2009 – h. 5 p.m
Giovanni Cespa (Queen Mary University, London)
Pricewatchers, Liquidity Spillovers, and Endogenous Market Segmentation (with T. Foucault)

16 December 2009 – h. 12.30
Matteo Bassi (University of Salerno and CSEF)
Addiction and the Market of Voluntary Health Insurances