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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

11 January 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Hseuh-Ling Huynh (Boston University)
Evolution and Recursive Structure of Subgame Perfect Equilibrium

18 January 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Elena Del Mercato (University Salerno)
Existence of Competitive Equilibria with Externalities: a Differential Viewpoint

25 January 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Julian Messina (European Central Bank), Ramon Gomez Salvador (European Central Bank) and Giovanna Vallanti (London School of Economics)
Job Flow Dynamics and Firing Restrictions: evidence from Europe

1 February 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Charles Grant (Reading University)
Income and Wealth Effects of Italian Households

8 February 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Massimiliano Bratti (University of Warwick) and Emilia Del Bono (University of Oxford) and Daniela Vuri (University of Firenze)
New Mothers’ Labor Force Participation in Italy: the Role of Job Characteristics

15 February 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Gabriel J. Felbermayr and Omar Licandro (Eureopean University Institute)
The Under-Estimated Virtues of the Two-Sector AK Model

22 February 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Monica Paiella (Bank of Italy)
The Foregone Gains of Incomplete Portfolios

1 March 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Tito Boeri (Bocconi University), J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz (FEDEA) and Vincenzo Galasso (Bocconi University)
Cross-skill Redistribution and the Tradeoff between Unemployment Benefits and Employment Protection

8 March 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Peter Simmons (University of York)
Savings, Employmnet & Health Risk and Migration

15 March 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Giorgio Bellettini (University of Bologna)
When the union hurts the workers: a positive analysis of immigration policy

22 March 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Pryio Banerjee (Ohio State University and Rutgers University)
Auctions with Ceilings

5 April 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Chiara Fumagalli (Università Bocconi) Massimo Motta (Eureopean University Institute) and Lars Persson (The Research Institute of Industrial Economics)
Exclusive Dealing, Entry, and Mergers

12 April 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Erich Battistin (University of Padua and IFS, London)
Errors in Survey Reports of Consumption Expenditures and their Implications for the Study of Consumers’ Behaviour

19 April 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Josef Fersterer (University of Linz), Steve Pischke (LSE, London) and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer (University of Linz)
The Returns to Apprenticeship Training in Austria: Evidence from Failed Firms

26 April 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Luigi Benfratello, Fabio Schiantarelli e Alessandro Sembenelli (University of Turin)
Banks and Innovation: Microeconometric Evidence on Italian Firms

3 May 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Jean-Marc Bonnisseau (Panthéon Sorbonne – Université Paris 1 – CERMSEM)
Marginal pricing equilibria with non convex normal cones

10 May 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Maria Concetta Chiuri (University of Bari and CSEF), Nicola Coniglio, Giovanni Ferri and Laura Serlenga (University of Bari)
Intention to return and propensity to remit: a study on illegal migrants in Italy

17 May 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Dino Gerardi (Yale University)
The Folk Theorem in Dynastic Repeated Games

31 May 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Alessandro Sbuelz (CenTER, Tilburg University)
Momentum and mean reversion in strategic asset allocation

7 June 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Marco Li Calzi (University of Venice)
Simple Market Protocols for Risk Sharing

14 June 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Klaus Adam (European Central Bank)
Monetary and Fiscal Interactions without Commitment: How Desirable is a Conservative Central Bank?

21 June 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Frank Vella (Eureopean University Institute)
Estimating a Class of the Triangular Simultaneous Equations Model without Exclusion Restrictions

4 October 2005 – h 11.30
Jean-François Mertens (CORE, Université Catholique de Louvain)
Intergenerational fairness and the discount rate for cost-benefit analysis

4 October 2005 – h 3 p.m.
Stephen Pudney (ISER, University of Essex)
Estimating the size of the UK illicit drugs market

11 October 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Christian Julliard (London School of Economics)
Money Illusion and Housing Frenzies

18 October 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Giacomo Calzolari (University of Bologna) and Giancarlo Spagnolo (Stockholm School of Economics )
Reputation and Collusion in Procurement

25 October 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Paolo Bertoletti (University of Pavia)
About all-pay auctions with complete information

8 November 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Anna Sanz de Galdeano (University of Salerno)
The Obesity Epidemic in Europe

15 November 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Ana Lamo (ECB), Julian Messina (University of Salerno) and Etienne Wasmer (UQAM)
Are specific skills an obstacle to labor market adjustment? Theory and an application to the EU enlargement

22 November 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Richard Disney (University of Nottingham)
Household saving rates and the design of social security programmes: evidence from a country panel

29 November 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Martin Brown (Swiss National Bank)
Credit Registries Relationship Banking and Loan Repayment

5 December 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Andrew Ellul, Levent Guntay (Indiana University), Ugur Lel (Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System)
External governance and debt agency costs of family firms

6 December 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Fabio Braggion (Northwestern University)
Credit Market Constraints and Financial Networks in Late Victorian Britain

13 December 2005 – h 3.30 p.m.
Eugenio Proto (Warwick University)
Growth Expectations and Bank Runs in Developing Economies