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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

13 January 2004 – h 15.00
Federico Boffa (Northwestern University)
Redistributing through Unions

20 January 2004 – h 15.00
Raquel Fonseca and Natalia Utrero (Università di Salerno)
Do Market Regulation and Financial Imperfection Affect Firm Size? New Empirical Evidence

27 January 2004 – h 14.00
Anna Sanz De Galdeano (European Central Bank)
Health Insurance and Job Mobility: Evidence from Clinton’s Second Mandate

3 February 2004 – h 9.00
Grzegorz Trojanowski (CentER Graduate School, Tilburg University) and Luc Renneboog (Tilburg University and ECGI)
The Managerial Labor Market and the Governance Role of Shareholder Control Structures

3 February 2004 – h 15.00
Anton Souvorov (GREMAQ, University of Toulouse 1), Jeroen van de Ven (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)
Rewards, Self-confidence, and Motivation: The Hidden Rewards of Rewards

4 February 2004 – h 15.00
Nuria Rodriguez-Planas (Boston University)
Signaling the Labor Market: New Evidence of Layoffs and Plant Closings (with Appendix)

17 February 2004 – h 15.00
Maria Grazia Romano (Università di Salerno)
Learning, Cascades and Transaction Costs

2 March 2004 – h 15.00
Alberto Bennardo (Università di Salerno) and Salvatore Piccolo (Università di Salerno)
Competition with Endogenous Health Risks

9 March 2004 – h 15.00
Vittoria Cerasi (Università di Milano “Bicocca”)
Multiple-bank lending diversification and free-riding in monitoring

16 March 2004 – h 15.00
Gianni De Fraia (University of York)
Reverse Discrimination and Efficiency in Education

30 March 2004 – h 15.00
Rebeca Jimenez (Università di Salerno)
Oil Price Shocks and Real GDP Growth: Empirical Evidence for some OECD Countries

7 April 2004 - h 15.00
David Thesmar (ENSAE, CREST) and Mathias Thoenig
Financial Liberalization, Firm Organization and the Labor Market

20 April 2004 - h 15.00
Vincenzo De Nicolò (Università di Bologna) and Piercarlo Zanchettin (University of Nottingham)
Competition and Growth in a Neo-Schumpeterian Model

27 April 2004 - h 15.00
Arnold Chassagnon (GREMAQ, DELTA)
Quality of Work and Training: How Training Can Reduce Second Best Inefficiencies

4 May 2004 - h 15.00
Yiannis Bilias and Michalis Haliassos(University of Cipro)
The Distribution of Gain from Access to Stock

11 May 2004 - h 15.00
Giulio Fella (Queen Mary College, London)
Optimal Severance Pay in a Matching Model

18 May 2004 - h 15.00
Fabio Ghironi (Boston College) and Marc Melitz (Harvard University)
International Trade and Macroeconomic Dynamics with Heterogeneous Firm

25 May 2004 - h 15.00
Tania Oliveira (University of Leicester) and Luisa Zanchi (University of Leeds)
Participation in higher education in Britain: The effect of ability and parental income

1 June 2004 - h 15.00
Dimitris Christelis (Università di Salerno)
The Drop in the U.S. Household Saving Rate: an investigation using the Consumer Expenditure Survey

Tuesday 15 June 2004 - h 12.00
Dilip Mookherjee and Stephen Napel (Boston University)
Intergenerational Mobility and History Dependance of Inequality

22 September 2004 – h 12.00
Ana Justel (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
Time series clustering based on forecast densities

5 October 2004 – h 15.00
Daniela Fabbri (University of Lausanne) and Anna Maria Menichini (CSEF, University of Salerno)
Intellectual Property Rights, Creditor Protection and Input Allocation

5 October 2004 – h 15.45
Giovanni Immordino (CSEF, University of Salerno) and Marco Pagano (University of Napoli Federico II, CSEF and CEPR)
Optimal Auditing Standards

12 October 2004 – h 15.00
Anna Sanz De Galdeano (CSEF, University of Salerno)
Does Parental Divorce Affect Adolescents’ Cognitive Development? Evidence from Longitudinal Data

9 November 2004 – h 15.00
Burcu Duygan (European University Institut)
Aggregate Shocks, Idiosyncratic Risk, and Durable Goods Purchases: Evidence from Turkey’s 1994 Financial Crisis

16 November 2004 – h 15.00
Bruno Parigi and Loriana Pellizzon (University of Padua)
Local Market Integration and Control Rights

30 November 2004 – h 15.00
Thomas Steinberger (CSEF, University of Salerno)
Optimal funding policies of firm-level pension plans

7 December 2004 – h 15.00
Antonio VILLANACCI (University of Florence) and Unal Zenginobuz (Bogaziçi University)
Private Provision of a Public Good in a General Equilibrium Model: the Case of a Publicly Managed Firm

14 December 2004 – h 15.00
Laura Bottazzi (Bocconi University), Marco Darin (University of Turin and Bocconi University) and Thomas Hellmann (University of British Columbia)
What role of legal systems in financial intermediation? Theory and Evidence

21 December 2004 – h 15.00
Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford University)