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CSEF - Center for Studies in Economics and Finance

Tuesday 8 January 2002 – h 13.00
Orietta DESSY (Università di Salerno)
Nominal Wage Rigidity in the European Countries: Evidence from the Europanel

Wednesday 23 January 2002 – h 15.00
Carla SCAGLIONE (Università di Salerno)
Efficienza ed efficacia dei servizi pubblici locali: un nuovo approccio alla loro valutazione

Tuesday 29 January 2002 – h 15.00
Olivella RIZZA (Università di Salerno)
Regole, discrezionalità e indipendenza della Banca Centrale: implicazioni per la democrazia

Wednesday 30 January 2002 – h 15.00
Hans DEGRYSE (Catholic University of Louvain and (CentER, Tilburg University) and Steven Ongena (CentER, Tilburg University)
Distance, Lending Relationships and Competition

Tuesday 5 February 2002 h 13.00
Marcello D’AMATO (Università di Salerno) and Vincenzo Galasso (Università Bocconi)
Aggregate Shock, Political Constraints and Social Security Design

Thursday 7 February 2002 – h 15.00
Rolf Aaberge (Research Department Statistics Norway), Ugo COLOMBINO (CORIPE, Università di Torino) and Steinar Strøm (University of Oslo)
Do more Equal Slices Shrink the Cake? An Empirical Evaluation of Tax-transfer Reform Proposal in Italy

Tuesday 12 February – h. 14.00
Alexei GORIAEV (CentER, Tilburg University)
The Relative Impact of Different Classification Schemes on Mutual Fund Flows

Wednesday 13 February – h. 15.00
Thomas STEINBERGER (European University Institute)
Imperfect Financial Markets and Investment Dynamics

Monday 18 February – h. 14.00
Raquel FONSECA (European University Institute)
Spanish Unemployment Persistence and the Ladder Effect

Wednesday 20 February 2002 h 15.00
Hans Degryse (Catholic University of Louvain and CentER, Tilburg University) and Jan BOUCKAERT (University of Antwerp)
Entry and strategic information display in credit markets

Friday 22 February 2002 – h 15.00
Pietro TERNA (Università di Torino)
Simulazione, modelli con agenti e reti neurali come strumenti per i modelli economici

Tuesday 5 March 2002 – h 13.00
Annamaria NESE (Università di Salerno) and Adriana Barone (Università di Salerno e Università di Napoli "Parthenope”)
Rischio sul lavoro e premio salariale in Italia

Tuesday 12 March 2002 – h 15.00
Helios HERRERA ( New York University )
Participation Externalities and Asset Prices

Wednesday 10 April 2002 – h 13.00
Salvatore CAPASSO (CNR and University of Manchester)
Financial Development, Financing Choice and Economic Growth

Friday 12 April 2002 – h 15.00
Mauro GALLEGATI (Università di Ancona)
Aggregazione ed Interazione: simulazioni con SWARM

Wednesday 17 April 2002 – h 15.00
Giacomo CALZOLARI (Università di Bologna)
Monopoly with Resale

Tuesday 23 April - h. 10.30
Daniela FABBRI (Università di Salerno)
Istituzioni legali e vincoli al credito

Wednesday 24 April 2002 – h. 15.00
Howard ROSENTHAL (Princeton University)
Political Polarization and Income Inequality

Wednesday 24 April 2002 – h. 16.30
Luigi MONTRUCCHIO (Università di Torino)
The Ergodic Approach to Dynamical Systems. Bifurcation Theory

Friday 26 April 2002 – h 15.00
Alfredo MEDIO (Università di Venezia)
Aggregazione ed Interazione: simulazioni con SWARM

Thursday 2 May 2002 – h. 15.00
Finn FORSUND (Frisch Institute, Oslo, e ICER, Torino)
Analysis of Efficiency in the Public Sector

Friday 3 May 2002 – h. 10.30
Salvatore VINCI (Università di Napoli "Parthenope")
Evoluzione dell’approccio teorico della Politica Economica

Tuesday 7 May 2002 – h 15.00
Mick DUNDORF (University of Sussex)
Italian Regional Evolutions

Wednesday 8 May 2002 – h 15.00
Tuomas TAKALO (University of Helsinki)
Comparing in Financial Intermediation

Tuesday 14 May 2002 – h 10.30
Gyula NAGY (University of Economics, Budapest)
Unemployment Benefits and the Exit from Unemployment: Methodological and Empirical Questions from Hungary

Tuesday 14 May 2002 – h 13.00
Nicola De Lliso (Università di Lecce), Giovanni FILATRELLA (INFM Unit Salerno and Facoltà di Scienze MM, FF e NN, Università del Sannio)
Econophysics: The Emergence of a New Field?

Tuesday 21 May 2002 – h 13.00
Santiago BUDRIA (Universidad de Alicante), Jaivier-Diaz Gimenez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Vincenzo Quadrini (New York University) and José-Vìctor Rìos Rull (University of Pennsylvania)
New Facts on the Distributions of Earnings, Income and Wealth in the U.S.

Tuesday 21 May 2002 – h 15.00
Sverre KITTELSEN (Frisch Centre, Oslo)
Scale, Efficiency and Organization in Norwegian Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics for Children

Wednesday 22 May 2002 – h 15.00
Giuseppe LEPORE (Royal Military College of Canada)
Federalism and the health-care system: the Canadian case

Monday 27 May 2002 – h 15.00
Richard BLUNDELL (University College London)
Partial Insurance, Information and Consumption Dynamics

Wednesday 29 May 2002 – h 14.00
Mike Burkart (Stockholm School of Economics), Fausto PANUNZI (Università di Bologna) and Andrei Shleifer (Harvard University)
Family Firms

Monday 3 June 2002 – h 15.00
Paolo SICONOLFI (Columbia University)
Large Economies with non-convex preferences

Wednesday 12 June 2002 – h 15.00
Stefan AMBEC (INRA-SERD, Grenoble) and Nicolas Treich (University of Toulouse)
Roscas as Financial Agreements to Cope with Time Inconsistent Preferences

Wednesday 2 October 2002 – h 15.00
Sascha Becker (CESifo), Samuel Bentolila, Ana Fernandes (CEMFI), Andrea Ichino (European University Institute)
Job Insecurity and Children’s Emancipation: The Italian Puzzle

Tuesday 8 October 2002 – h 15.00
Hamish Low (University of Cambridge), Costas Meghir (University College London) and Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford University)
Wage Risk, Employment Risk and Precautionary Saving

Tuesday 15 October 2002 – h 15.00
Issam Hallak (J.W. Goethe-University Frankfurt)
Price Differential on Syndicated Loans and the Number of Lenders: Empirical Evidence from the Sovereign Debt Syndication

Tuesday 22 October 2002 – h 15.00
Leo Ferraris (London School of Economics), Raoul Minetti (Michigan State University)
Liquidation Values and the Nature of Lenders

Tuesday 29 October 2002 – h 15.00
Tullio Jappelli (Università di Salerno)
Financial Information and Stockholding

Tuesday 5 November 2002 – h 15.00
Giuseppe Freni (Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope), Fausto Gozzi (Uiversità di Roma “La Sapienza”) and Neri Salvadori (Università di Pisa)
Endogenous Growth in a Multi-sector Economy

Tuesday 12 November 2002 – h 15.00
Tom Lyon (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University) and Eric Rasmusen (Indiana University)
Buyer-Option Contracts, Renegotiation, and the Hold-Up Problem

Tuesday 19 November 2002 – h 13.30
Giovanni Immordino (Fondazione Sichelgaita) e Marco Pagano (Università di Salerno)
Design and Enforcement of Legal Standards

Wednesday 4 December 2002 – h 13.00
Kostas Koufopoulos (LSE)
Asymmetric Information, Heterogeneity in Risk Perceptions and Insurance: An Explanation to a Puzzle

Tuesday 10 December 2002 – h 15.00
Maia Guell (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), J.E. Galdon-Sanchez (Universidad Publica de Navarra)
Let’s go to court! Firing costs and dismissal conflicts - Abstract