Annamaria Menichini

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Professor of Economics

University of Salerno

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Annamaria Menichini

Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Salerno
84084 Fisciano (SA), Italy
Tel: +39 089 962174
Fax: +39 089 963169

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Recent publications

  • Giovanni Immordino, Annamaria Menichini, and Maria Grazia Romano, Education, Taxation and The Perceived Effects of Sin Good Gonsumption,

    Forthcoming in: International Tax and Public Finance

  • Giovanni Immordino, Anna Maria C. Menichini and Maria Grazia Romano, Taxing and Regulating Vices,

    Scandinavian Journal of Economics , 2020, Vol. 122 (2), 622-647 [link]

  • Fabbri D. and A.M.C. Menichini, The Commitment Problem of Secured Lending,

    Journal of Financial Economics, 2016, 120 (3), pp. 561-584

  • Immordino G., A.C. Menichini and M.G. Romano, Contracts with Wishful Thinkers,

    Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 2015, 24(4)