Carla Guerriero

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Reseach Fellow

University of Naples Federico II

Carla Guerriero (PhD) is Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Naples Federico II. Her research interests are in Environmental Economics, Health Economics and Family Economics with special focus on children. She authored several papers in international Journals and one book on Cost-Benefit Analysis of environmental health interventions.

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Carla Guerriero

Department of Economics and Statistics
Università di Napoli Federico II
Via Cintia Monte S. Angelo
80126 Napoli, Italy
Tel: +39 081 675020
Fax: +39 081 7663540

CSEF working papers

Recent pubblications

  • Carla Guerriero, Andrew Haines and Marco Pagano, Health and Sustainability in Post-Pandemic Economic Policies,

    Nature Sustainability, 2020, Vol. 3, 494-496

  • Guerriero, C., Jaume, N.A., Diaz-Ordaz, K. et al., Using Animation to Self-report Health: a Randomized Experiment with Children,

    Patient, 2019, doi:10.1007/s40271-019-00392-9 [link]

  • Guerriero C., J. Cairns, F. Bianchi, L. Cori, Are Children Rational Decision Makers when they are Asked to Value their own Health? A Contingent Valuation Study Conducted with Children and Their Parents,

    Forthcoming in: Health Economics [link]

  • Guerriero C. Chatzidiakou L., Cairns J, Mumovic D., The Economic Benefits of Reducing NO2 Levels Near Primary Schools: The Case of London,

    Forthcoming in: Journal of Environmental Management