Carlo Altavilla

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Head of Monetary Analysis Division, DG Monetary Policy

European Central Bank

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Carlo Altavilla

European Central Bank
Sonnemannstrasse 22, 60314
Frankfurt am Main

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Recent publications

  • Altavilla C., Boucinha M., Holton S., Ongena S. , Credit Supply and Demand in Unconventional Times,

    Forthcoming in: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking [link]

  • Altavilla C., Canova F., and Ciccarelli M., Mending The Broken Link: Heterogeneous Bank Lending and Monetary Policy Pass-through,

    Journal of Monetary Economics, 2020, Vol.110, pp 81-98. [link]

  • Altavilla C., Brugnolini L., Gürkaynak R., Motto R., Ragusa G., Measuring Euro Area Monetary Policy,

    Journal of Monetary Economics, 2019, Vol.108, pp 162-179. [link]

  • Carlo Altavilla, Miguel Boucinha, and José-Luis Peydró, Monetary Policy and Bank Profitability in a Low Interest Rate Environment,

    Economic Policy, 2018, Vol. 33, Issue 96, pp 531–586. [link]

  • Altavilla C., D. Giannone, and M. Modugno, The Low Frequency Effects of Macroeconomic News on Government Bond Yields,

    Journal of Monetary Economics, 2017, December, vol. 92, pp. 31-46

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