Emilio Calvano

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Assistant professor

University of Bologna

Emilio Calvano is Associate Professor at the University of Bologna, Associate Faculty at the Toulouse School of Economics and Research Fellow at the CEPR in London. His research focuses on the Economics of Digital Markets, understanding how digital platforms and their algorithms impact market outcomes.

Email: emilio.calvano@gmail.com
Repec page: Emilio Calvano

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Emilio Calvano

University of Bologna
Dipartimento di Economia
Piazza Scaravilli, 1
40126 Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 081 675020
Fax: +39 081 7663540

CSEF working papers

Recent publications

  • Calvano E., Calzolari G., Denicolò V., Harrington J, Pastorello S. , Protecting Consumers from High Prices due to AI,

    Science, 2020, Vol. 370, Issue 6520, pp. 1040-1042 [link]

  • Calvano E., G. Calzolari, V. Denicolò, S. Pastorello, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Pricing and Collusion,

    Forthcoming in: American Economic Review [link]

  • Calvano E. and M. Polo, Strategic Differentiation by Business Model: Free to Air and Pay TV,

    Forthcoming in: Economic Journal

  • Athey S., E. Calvano and J. Gans, The Impact of Consumer Multi-Homing on Advertising Markets and Media Competition,

    Forthcoming in: Management Science

  • Ambrus A., E. Calvano and M. Reisinger, Either or Both Competition: A "Two-sided" Theory of Advertising with Overlapping Viewerships,

    Forthcoming in: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics