Ettore Panetti

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Associate professor

University of Naples Federico II

Ettore Panetti is associate professor of finance at the University of Naples Federico II. His research interests are banking and financial stability.

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Ettore Panetti

Recent publications

  • Ettore Panetti, Banks’ Liquidity Provision and Panic Runs with Recursive Preferences,

    Finance Research Letters, 2022, Vol. 47, Part A, 102661 [link]

  • Filomena Garcia and Ettore Panetti, Wealth Inequality, Systemic Financial Fragility and Government Intervention,

    Forthcoming in: Economic Theory [link]

  • Ettore Panetti and Elena Mattana, The Welfare Costs of Self-fulfilling Bank Runs,

    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2021, vol. 53(2-3), pp. 401-440 [link]