Francesco Flaviano Russo

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Assistant Professor

University of Naples Federico II

Francesco Flaviano Russo is Associate Professor of Economics at the University Federico II. He obtained a Ph.d. from Boston University and joined Csef as a fellow in 2009. His research focuses on Public Economics and on the Economics of Immigration.

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Francesco Flaviano Russo

Department of Economics and Statistics
Via Cintia, Monte S. Angelo
80126 NAPOLI, Italy
Tel: +39 081 675276
Fax: +39 081 7663540

CSEF working papers

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Recent publications

  • Francesco Flaviano Russo, Immigration and Nationalism: the Importance of Identity,

    Forthcoming in: European Economic Review

  • Immordino G. and F.F. Russo , Cashless Payments and Tax Evasion,

    European Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 55, 36-43

  • Immordino G. and F.F. Russo, Fighting Tax Evasion by Discouraging the Use of Cash,

    Fiscal Studies, 2018, 39, 343-364

  • Immordino G. and F.F. Russo, Commercial Sex and Health,

    Marciano and Ramello ed. , Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer 2017

  • Immordino G. and F.F. Russo, Laws and Stigma: the Case of Prostitution,

    European Journal of Law and Economics, 2015, 40(2), pp. 209-223

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