Giovanni Walter Puopolo

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Associate professor of Economics

University of Naples Federico II

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Giovanni Walter Puopolo

Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Naples Federico II
Via Cintia Monte S. Angelo
80126 Naples, Italy

CSEF working papers

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Recent publications

  • Pagano M., L. Pandolfi, G.W. Puopolo, Economia dei Mercati Finanziari,

    Il Mulino, 2020

  • Puopolo G.W., Portfolio Selection with Transaction Costs and Default Risk,

    Managerial Finance, 2017, 43, 2, pp. 231-241

  • Piccolo S., G.W. Puopolo and L. Vasconcelos, Non-Exclusive Financial Advice,

    Review of Finance, 2016, 20, 6, pp. 2079-2123.

  • Dumas B, F. Delgado and G.W. Puopolo, Hysteresis Bands on Returns, Holding Period and Transaction Costs,

    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2015, 57, pp. 86-100