Giuseppe Russo

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Associate Professor

University of Salerno

Giuseppe Russo is Associate Professor of Macroeconomics. His research is in the areas of political economy, institutions, and immigration. His current activity concerns issues at the intersection between cultural integration of the immigrant minorities and education.

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Giuseppe Russo

Department of Economics
University of Salerno
84084 Fisciano (SA), Italy
Tel: +39 089 962159

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Recent publications

  • Giuseppe Russo and Mariagrazia Cavallo, Lost in Translation. Reading Performance and Math Performance of Second-generation Immigrant Children in Italy,

    Forthcoming in: Journal of Human Capital

  • Basile R., Girardi A., Mantuano M., Russo G., Interregional Migration of Human Capital and Unemployment Dynamics: Evidence from Italian Provinces,

    German Economic Review, 2019, vol. 20:4, 385-414 [link]

  • Russo G., Galli F., Immigration Restriction and Second-Generation Cultural Assimilation: Theory and Quasi-Experimental Evidence,

    Journal of Population Economics, 2019, vol. 32:1, 23-51 [link]

  • Russo G., Salsano F., Electoral Systems and Immigration,

    European Journal of Political Economy, 2019, Vol. 60, No. 101807, pp 62-84 [link]

  • Magris F. and G. Russo, Fiscal Revenues and Commitment in Immigration Amnesties,

    European Journal of Political Economy, 2016, vol. 42, 75-90 [link]