Immacolata Marino

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Assistant Professor of Economics

University of Naples Federico II

Imma Marino is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Naples Federico II and Research Fellow at​ the Center for Studies in Economics and Finance (CSEF). Her main research interests are in Public Economics/Public Policy, Household Finance and Empirical Banking.

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Immacolata Marino

Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Naples Federico II
Via Cintia Monte S. Angelo
80126 Napoli, Italy
Tel: +39 081 675020
Fax: +39 081 7663540

CSEF working papers

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Recent publications

  • Brunella Bruno, Immacolata Marino, and Giacomo Nocera, Internal Ratings and Bank Opacity: Evidence from Analysts’ Forecasts,

    Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2023, Vol. 56, 101062 [link]

  • Sergio Beraldo, Michela Collaro, and Immacolata Marino, Patient Migration as a Response to the Regulation of Sub-national Healthcare Budgets,

    Regional Studies, 2023, vol. 57(11), pp. 2207-2219 [link]

  • Decio Coviello, Immacolata Marino, Tommaso Nannicini, and Nicola Persico, Demand Shocks and Firm Investment: Micro-evidence from fiscal retrenchment in Italy,

    The Economic Journal, 2022, Vol. 132 [link]

  • Tullio Jappelli, Immacolata Marino and Mario Padula, Social Security Uncertainty and Demand for Retirement Saving,

    The Review of Income and Wealth, 2021 [link]