Lorenzo Pandolfi

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Senior Assistant Professor

Lorenzo Pandolfi is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Naples Federico II and CSEF Research Fellow. His research spans international economics, banking, and household finance, and currently focuses on sovereign debt markets.

Email: lorepandolfi@gmail.com
Repec page: Lorenzo Pandolfi

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Lorenzo Pandolfi

Università di Napoli Federico II
Via Cintia Monte S. Angelo
80126 Napoli , Italy
Tel: +39 081 675266

CSEF working papers

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Recent pubblications

  • Broner F., A. Martin, L. Pandolfi, and T. Williams, Winners and Losers from Sovereign Debt Inflows,

    Journal of International Economics, 2021, Vol. 130, 103446 [link]

  • Pagano M., L. Pandolfi, G.W. Puopolo, Economia dei Mercati Finanziari,

    Il Mulino, 2020

  • Lorenzo Pandolfi, Bail-in and Bailout: Friends or Foes?,

    Forthcoming in: Management Science [link]

  • Pandolfi L. and T. Williams, Real Effects of Sovereign Debt Inflow Shocks,

    AEA Papers and Proceedings, 2020, Vol. 110, pp. 511-515 [link]

  • Nieddu M. and L. Pandolfi, Cutting Through the Fog: Financial Literacy and Financial Investment Choices,

    Journal of the European Economic Association, 2021, Vol. 19(1), pp. 237-274 [link]

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