Marcello Puca

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Postdoctoral research fellow

University of Bergamo

Marcello Puca is Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Bergamo. His research focus is on public economics, the economics of institutions, and culture.

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Marcello Puca

CSEF working papers

Recent publications

  • Daniela Di Cagno, Werner Guth, Marcello Puca, and Patrizia Sbriglia, Intention-based social influence in (non)strategic sharing experiments,

    Forthcoming in: Journal of the Economic Science Association [link]

  • Paolo Buonanno, Giacomo Plevani, and Marcello Puca, Earthquake Hazard and Civic Capital,

    European Journal of Political Economy, 2023, vol. 78, 102367 [link]

  • Andrea Berlanda, Paolo Buonanno, and Marcello Puca, Religion and Women: How Waldensians Reduced the Gender Gap,

    Economics of Education Review, 2023, vol. 96, 102451 [link]

  • Paolo Buonanno, Sergio Galletta, and Marcello Puca, The role of civic capital on vaccination,

    Health Economics , 2023, vol. 32, pp. 993-999 [link]