Marco Maria Sorge

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Associate Professor of Economic

Policy University of Salerno

I am Associate Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Salerno and Affiliate Professor at the University of Göttingen. My research interests cover computational economics, dynamic macroeconomics and political economy.

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Marco Maria Sorge

Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Salerno
Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132
84084 Fisciano (SA), Italy

Recent pubblications

  • Dave, C. and M.M. Sorge, Sunspot-Driven Fat Tails: A Note,

    Forthcoming in: Economics Letters

  • Sorge M.M., Computing Sunspot Solutions to Rational Expectations Models with Timing Restrictions,

    Forthcoming in: The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics

  • Sorge M.M., Arbitrary Initial Conditions and the Dimension of Indeterminacy in Linear Rational Expectations Models,

    Forthcoming in: Decisions in Economics and Finance

  • Di Pietro C.and M.M. Sorge, Comparing Inequality and Mobility in Linear Models: Comment,

    Economics Letters, 2018, 172: 56-58

  • Hespeler, F. and M.M. Sorge, Solving Rational Expectations Models with Informational Subperiods: A Comment,

    Forthcoming in: Computational Economics

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