Maria Gabriella Graziano

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Professor of Mathematics

University of Naples Federico II

Maria Gabriella Graziano is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Naples Federico II, Chairman of the Department of Economics and Statistics for 2019-21. She is a member of the editorial board of Economic Theory and Economic Theory Bulletin. Her current research focuses on general equilibrium theory, infinite dimensional economies, economies with public goods, economies with uncertainty and asymmetric information.

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Maria Gabriella Graziano

Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Napoli
Via Cintia Monte S. Angelo
80126 Napoli, Italy
Tel: +39 081 675109
Fax: + 39 081 675009

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Recent publications

  • Maria Gabriella Graziano, Marialaura Pesce and Niccolò Urbinati, Generalized coalitions and bargaining sets,

    Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2020, Vol. 91, 80-89 [link]

  • Maria Gabriella Graziano, Claudia Meo, and Nicholas C. Yannelis, Shapley and Scarf housing markets with consumption externalities,

    Journal of Public Economic Theory , 2020, Vol. 22(5), 1481-1514 [link]

  • C. Di Pietro, M.G. Graziano and V. Platino, Social loss with respect to the core of an economy with externalities,

    Economic Theory, 2020 [link]

  • A. Basile, R.P. Gilles, M.G. Graziano and M. Pesce, The Core of Economies with Collective Goods and a Social Division of Labour,

    Forthcoming in: Forthcoming in Economic Theory, 2020 [link]

  • Anuj Bhowmik and Maria Gabriella Graziano, Blocking Coalitions and Fairness in Asset Markets and Asymmetric Information Economies,

    The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2019, Vol. 20(1), pages 1-29 [link]

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