Marialaura Pesce

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Associate Professor

University of Naples Federico II

Marialaura Pesce is Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Naples Federico II. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics for Economic Analysis and Finance in 2010 from the University of Naples Federico II. Her research focuses on general equilibrium theory, fairness, economies with public goods, economies with uncertainty and asymmetric information.

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Marialaura Pesce

Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Napoli
Via Cintia Monte S. Angelo 80126 Napoli, Italy
Tel: +39 081 675154
Fax: + 39 081 675009

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Recent publications

  • Robert P.Gilles, Marialaura Pesce and Dimitrios Diamantaras, The Provision of Collective Goods through a Social Division of Labour,

    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization , 2020, Vol. 178, pp. 287-312 [link]

  • Donnini, C. and Pesce, M., Absence of Envy among “Neighbors” Can Be Enough,

    The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2021, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 187-204 [link]

  • Maria Gabriella Graziano, Marialaura Pesce and Niccolò Urbinati, Generalized coalitions and bargaining sets,

    Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2020, Vol. 91, 80-89 [link]

  • A. Basile, R.P. Gilles, M.G. Graziano and M. Pesce, The Core of Economies with Collective Goods and a Social Division of Labour,

    Forthcoming in: Forthcoming in Economic Theory, 2020 [link]

  • Donnini, C. and M. Pesce, Strict Fairness of Equilibria in Asymmetric Information Economies and Mixed Markets,

    Economic Theory, 2020, Vol.69, pp.107–124 [link]

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