Salvatore Capasso

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Professor of Economics

University of Naples Parthenope

Salvatore Capasso is Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute for Studies on Mediterranean Economies- Italian National Research Council, ISMed-CNR. His research is in the areas of Economic Development and Monetary Economics, and currently focuses mostly on issues related to the underground economy and optimal taxation.

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Salvatore Capasso

Department of Economics
Via Medina 40
80133 Napoli (Italy)
Tel: +39 0815475735
Fax: +39.081.5475750

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Recent publications

  • Sergio Beraldo, Salvatore Capasso, Valerio Filoso and Marco Stimolo, Consciously Uncertain: A Bayesian Analysis of Preferences Formation,

    Games, MDPI, 2022,vol. 13(1), 1-20 [link]