Salvatore Piccolo

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Full Professor of Economics

University of Bergamo

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Salvatore Piccolo

Department of Economics
University of Bergamo,
Via dei Caniana 2,
24127 Bergamo, Italy
Tel: +39 0352052684

CSEF working papers

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Recent pubblications

  • Marco Pagnozzi, Salvatore Piccolo, and Markus Reisinger, Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market Structure,

    Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Theory

  • Immordino G., S. Piccolo, and P. Roberti, Optimal Leniency and the Organization Design of Group Crime,

    Journal of Public Economics , 2020, Vol. 191 [link]

  • Rosario Crinó, Giovanni Immordino and Salvatore Piccolo, Criminal Mobility, Fugitives and Extradition Rules,

    Forthcoming in: Journal of Public Economic Theory [link]

  • Crinò, R., G. Immordino and S. Piccolo, Marginal Deterrence at Work,

    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2019, 166, 586-612 [link]

  • Alesina A., S. Piccolo, P. Pinotti, Organized Crime, Violence, and Politics,

    Forthcoming in: Review of Economic Studies

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