Forthcoming Papers

Federico Belotti, Edoardo Di Porto and Gianluca Santoni

The Effect of Local Taxes on Firm Performance: Evidence from Geo‐referenced Data

Forthcoming in: Journal of Regional Science [link]

Calvano E., G. Calzolari, V. Denicolò, S. Pastorello

Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Pricing and Collusion

Forthcoming in: American Economic Review [link]

Di Porto E., E.M. Martino and H. Ohlsson

Avoiding Taxes by Transfers Within the Family

Forthcoming in: International Tax and Public Finance

Beraldo S., A. Abatemarco and F. Stroffolini

Equality of Opportunity in Health Care: Access and Equal Access Revisited

Forthcoming in: International Review of Economics

Beraldo S., A. Abatemarco, M. Aria and F. Stroffolini

Measuring Disparities in Access to Health Care. A Proposal Based on an ex-ante Perspective

Forthcoming in: Social Indicators Research

D’Annunzio A., M. Mardan and A. Russo

Multi-part Tariffs and Differentiated Commodity Taxation

Forthcoming in: RAND Journal of Economics

Drago F., R. Galbiati and F. Sobbrio

The Political Cost of Being Soft on Crime: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Forthcoming in: Journal of the European Economic Association

D’Annunzio A. and A. Russo

Ad Networks and Consumer Tracking

Forthcoming in: Management Science

Drago F., F. Mengel and C. Traxler

Compliance Behavior in Networks: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Forthcoming in: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Calvano E. and M. Polo

Strategic Differentiation by Business Model: Free to Air and Pay TV

Forthcoming in: Economic Journal

Alesina A., S. Piccolo, P. Pinotti

Organized Crime, Violence, and Politics

Forthcoming in: Review of Economic Studies

Hespeler, F. and M.M. Sorge

Solving Rational Expectations Models with Informational Subperiods: A Comment

Forthcoming in: Computational Economics

De Paola M., M. Ponzo and V. Scoppa

Are Men Given Priority for Top Jobs? Investigating the Glass Ceiling in the Italian Academia

Forthcoming in: Journal of Human Capital

Ponzo M. and V. Scoppa

Does the Home Advantage Depend on Crowd Support? Evidence from Same-Stadium Derbies

Forthcoming in: Journal of Sports Economics

Guerriero C., J. Cairns, F. Bianchi, L. Cori

Are Children Rational Decision Makers when they are Asked to Value their own Health? A Contingent Valuation Study Conducted with Children and Their Parents

Forthcoming in: Health Economics [link]

Altavilla C., R. Giacomini and G. Ragusa

Anchoring the yield curve using survey expectations

Forthcoming in: Journal of Applied Econometrics

Becchetti L. and P. Conzo

Preferences for Well-Being and Life Satisfaction

Forthcoming in: Social Indicators Research

Becchetti L., S. Castriota and P. Conzo

Disaster, Aid and Preferences: The Long-run Impact of the Tsunami on Giving in Sri Lanka

Forthcoming in: World Development

Piccolo S., P. Tedeschi and G. Ursino

Deceptive Advertising with Rational Buyers

Forthcoming in: Management Science

Athey S., E. Calvano and J. Gans

The Impact of Consumer Multi-Homing on Advertising Markets and Media Competition

Forthcoming in: Management Science