Enrico Di Gregorio, Matteo Paradisi, and Elia Sartori

Audit Rule Disclosure and Tax Compliance

(#729) | REPEC link

Federica Carannante, Marco Pagnozzi and Elia Sartori

Interim Information and Seller’s Revenue in Standard Auctions

(#728) | REPEC link

Maria Gabriella Graziano, Marialaura Pesce, and Vincenzo Platino

The Veto Power of The Grand Coalition in Economies With Consumption Externalities

(#726) | REPEC link

Luca Anderlini and Joshua C. Teitelbaum

The Law of General Average

(#725) | REPEC link

Luca Picariello and Alexander Rodivilov

Flexibility, Rigidity, and Competitive Experimentation

(#724) | REPEC link

Andrea Bellucci, Alexander Borisov, Gianluca Gucciardi, and Alberto Zazzaro

The Staying Power of Face-to-face in the Global Venture Capital Market

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Federica Carannante, Marco Pagnozzi and Elia Sartori

Adaptive Reserve Prices in Repeated Auctions

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Francesco Caruso, Maria Carmela Ceparano, and Jacqueline Morgan

Lower Stackelberg equilibria: from bilevel optimization to Stackelberg games

(#715) | REPEC link

Maria De Paola, Roberto Nisticò, and Vincenzo Scoppa

Workplace Peer Effects in Fertility Decisions

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Matías Moretti, Lorenzo Pandolfi, Sergio L. Schmukler, Germán Villegas Bauer, and Tomás Williams

Inelastic Demand Meets Optimal Supply of Risky Sovereign Bonds

(#713) | REPEC link

Luca Anderlini and Gaon Kim

Tournament Auctions

(#712) | REPEC link