Forthcoming Papers

Piccolo S., P. Tedeschi and G. Ursino

Deceptive Advertising with Rational Buyers

Forthcoming in: Management Science

Athey S., E. Calvano and J. Gans

The Impact of Consumer Multi-Homing on Advertising Markets and Media Competition

Forthcoming in: Management Science

Guerriero C. Chatzidiakou L., Cairns J, Mumovic D.

The Economic Benefits of Reducing NO2 Levels Near Primary Schools: The Case of London

Forthcoming in: Journal of Environmental Management

Belloc M., F. Drago and R. Galbiati

Earthquakes, Religion, and Transition to Self-Government in Italian Cities

Forthcoming in: the Quarterly Journal of Economics

Destefanis S., C. Barra and G. Lubrano Lavadera

Risk and Regulation: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis for Italian Local Banks

Forthcoming in: Finance Research Letters

Di Porto E., A. Parenti and S. Paty

Local Government Coopertion at Work: A Control Function Approach

Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Geography

Di Porto E., L. Elia and C. Tealdi

Informal Work in a Flexible Labour Market

Forthcoming in: Oxford Economic Papers

Ambrus A., E. Calvano and M. Reisinger

Either or Both Competition: A "Two-sided" Theory of Advertising with Overlapping Viewerships

Forthcoming in: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics