Forthcoming Papers

BenjaminBalzer, AntonioRosato, and Jonasvon Wangenheim

Dutch vs. First-Price Auctions with Expectations-Based Loss-Averse Bidders

Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Theory [link]

Antonio Rosato

Loss Aversion in Sequential Auctions

Forthcoming in: Theoretical Economics [link]

Marco Pagano and Josef Zechner

COVID-19 and Corporate Finance

Forthcoming in: The Review of Corporate Finance Studies [link]

Marco Nieddu and Lorenzo Pandolfi

The Effectiveness of Promotion Incentives for Public Employees: Evidence from Italian Academia

Forthcoming in: Economic Policy [link]

Sergey Kovbasyuk and Marco Pagano

Advertising Arbitrage

Forthcoming in: Review of Finance

Marcello D'Amato , Niall O'Higgins and Marco Stimolo

On Inequality, Growth and Trust: Some Evidence from The Lab

Forthcoming in: Journal of Institutional Economics, 2021, pp. 1-16 [link]

Antonio Acconcia, Marcello D'Amato, Riccardo Martina, e Marisa Ratto

The Response of Taxpayer Compliance to the Large Shock of Italian Unification

Forthcoming in: European Journal of Political Economy [link]

Giovanni Immordino, Annamaria Menichini, and Maria Grazia Romano

Education, Taxation and The Perceived Effects of Sin Good Gonsumption

Forthcoming in: International Tax and Public Finance

Anna Laura Baraldi, Giovanni Immordino, and Marco Stimolo

Self-Selecting Candidates or Compelling Voters: How Organized Crime Affects Political Selection

Forthcoming in: European Journal of Political Economy

Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi and Roberto Nisticò.

Employment Effects of Economic Sanctions in Iran

Forthcoming in: World Development, 2022, Vol. 151, 105760 [link]

Edoardo Di Porto, Paolo Naticchioni and Vincenzo Scrutinio

Partial Lockdown and the Spread of Covid-19: Lessons from the Italian Case

Forthcoming in: Journal of Health Economics

Florence Kondylis and Mattea Stein

The Speed of Justice

Forthcoming in: The Review of Economics and Statistics [link]

Maria De Paola, Roberto Nisticò, and Vincenzo Scoppa

Employment Protection and Fertility Decisions: The Unintended Consequences of the Italian Jobs Act

Forthcoming in: Economic Policy

Tristan Gagnon-Bartsch, Marco Pagnozzi, and Antonio Rosato

Projection of Private Values in Auctions

Forthcoming in: American Economic Review

Marco Pagnozzi, Salvatore Piccolo, and Markus Reisinger

Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market Structure

Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Theory

Francesco Flaviano Russo

Immigration and Nationalism: the Importance of Identity

Forthcoming in: European Economic Review

Giovanni Andreottola

Flip-Flopping and Electoral Concerns

Forthcoming in: Journal of Politics

Fumagalli, C. and M. Motta

Dynamic Vertical Foreclosure

Forthcoming in: Journal of Law and Economics

Altavilla C., Boucinha M., Holton S., Ongena S.

Credit Supply and Demand in Unconventional Times

Forthcoming in: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking [link]

A. Basile, R.P. Gilles, M.G. Graziano and M. Pesce

The Core of Economies with Collective Goods and a Social Division of Labour

Forthcoming in: Forthcoming in Economic Theory, 2020 [link]