Journal articles (2022)

Roberto Nisticò

Political Institutions and Economic Development over More than a Century

Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2022, 61, 199-215. [link]

Giuseppe De Marco, Maria Romaniello, and Alba Roviello

Psychological Nash Equilibria under Ambiguity

Mathematical Social Sciences, 2022, Vol. 120, pp 92-106, ISSN 0165-4896 [link]

Ettore Panetti

Banks’ Liquidity Provision and Panic Runs with Recursive Preferences

Finance Research Letters, 2022, Vol. 47, Part A, 102661 [link]

Mario F. Carillo

Fascistville: Mussolini’s new towns and the persistence of neo-fascism

Journal of Economic Growth, 2022 [link]

Benjamin Balzer, Antonio Rosato, and Jonasvon Wangenheim

Dutch vs. First-Price Auctions with Expectations-Based Loss-Averse Bidders

Journal of Economic Theory, 2022, vol. 205, 105545 [link]

Marco Pagano and Josef Zechner

COVID-19 and Corporate Finance

The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2022 , Featured in the November 2022 ECGI Blog: [link]

Nishant Yonzan, Branko Milanovic, Salvatore Morelli, and Janet Gornick

Drawing a Line: Comparing the Estimation of Top Incomes Between Tax Data and Household Survey Data

Journal of Economic Inequality, 2022 [link]

Giovanni Immordino, Tullio Jappelli, Tommaso Oliviero, and Alberto Zazzaro

Fear of Covid-19, Contagion and Consumption: Evidence from a Survey of Italian Households

Health Economics, 2022, Vol.31 (3), pp. 496-507 [link]

Sergio Beraldo, Massimiliano Piacenza, and Gilberto Turati

The Importance of the Future when Deciding Levels of Personal Responsibility and Demand for Redistribution

Economic Modelling, 2022, vol. 116, 105982 [link]

Lorenzo Pandolfi

Bail-in and Bailout: Friends or Foes?

Management Science, 2022, Vol. 68, Issue 2, pp. 1450-1468 [link]

Marco Nieddu and Lorenzo Pandolfi

The Effectiveness of Promotion Incentives for Public Employees: Evidence from Italian Academia

Economic Policy, 2022, Vol. 37, Issue 112, pp. 697–748 [link]

Decio Coviello, Immacolata Marino, Tommaso Nannicini, and Nicola Persico

Demand Shocks and Firm Investment: Micro-evidence from fiscal retrenchment in Italy

The Economic Journal, 2022, Vol. 132 [link]

Sergio Beraldo, Salvatore Capasso, Valerio Filoso and Marco Stimolo

Consciously Uncertain: A Bayesian Analysis of Preferences Formation

Games, MDPI, 2022,vol. 13(1), 1-20 [link]

Sergey Kovbasyuk and Marco Pagano

Advertising Arbitrage

Review of Finance, 2022, Vol. 26, No. 4, 799–827 [link]

Anna D'Annunzio and Elena Menichelli

A Market for Digital Privacy: Consumers’ Willingness to Trade Personal Data and Money

Journal of Industrial and Business Economics , 2022, vol. 49: pp. 571–598 [link]

Salvatore Morelli, Brian Nolan, Juan Palomino, and Philippe Van Kerm

Inheritance, Gifts and the Wealth Deficit of Low-Income Households

Journal of European Social Policy, 2021, Vol. 31, Issue 5 [link]

Anna Laura Baraldi, Giovanni Immordino, and Marco Stimolo

Mafia Wears Out Women in Power: Evidence from Italian Municipalities

Journal of Economics Behavior and Organization, 2022, Vol.193, pp. 213-236 [link]

Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi and Roberto Nisticò.

Employment Effects of Economic Sanctions in Iran

World Development, 2022, Vol. 151, 105760 [link]