Stefan Ambec Joseph A. Doucet

Competition along a river : Decentralizing hydropower production

Published in {Canadian Journal of Economics}, 2003, vol. 36, pp. 587-607

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Stefan Ambec Philippe Barla

A Theoretical Foundation of the Porter Hypothesis

Published in {Economic Letters}, 2002, vol. 75, pp. 355-360

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Luis Eeckhoudt, Christian Gollier Giovanni Immordino

How Diagnostic Tests Affect Prevention: a Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Tullio Jappelli Luigi Pistaferri

Tax Incentives and the Demand for Life Insurance: Evidence from Italy

Published in {Journal of Public Economics}, 2003, vol. 87, 7-8, pp. 1779-1799

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Hans W. Gottinger

Modeling Stochastic Innovation Races


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