Alessandro Ferrari and Francisco Queirós

Firm Heterogeneity, Market Power and Macroeconomic Fragility

(#627) | REPEC link

Orazio Attanasio, Raquel Bernal, Michele Giannola, and Milagros Nores

Child Development in the Early Years: Parental Investment and the Changing Dynamics of Different Domains

(#626) | REPEC link

Chiara Donnini and Marialaura Pesce

A Concept of Envy towards Coalitions

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Mariana Escobar, Lorenzo Pandolfi, Alvaro Pedraza, and Tomas Williams

The Anatomy of Index Rebalancings: Evidence from Transaction Data

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Francesco Caruso, Maria Carmela Ceparano, and Jacqueline Morgan

A Local Variation Method for Bilevel Nash Equilibrium Problems

(#620) | REPEC link

Giuseppe De Marco, Maria Romaniello, and Alba Roviello

Psychological Nash Equilibria under Ambiguity

(#618) | REPEC link

Maria Gabriella Graziano, Claudia Meo, and Nicholas C. Yannelis

Core and Stable Sets of Exchange Economies with Externalities

(#617) | REPEC link

Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi and Roberto Nisticò

Employment Effects of Economic Sanctions

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Jérôme Mathis, Marcello Puca, and Simone M. Sepe

Deliberative Institutions and Optimality

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Pierre-André Chiappori, Edoardo Ciscato, and Carla Guerriero

Analyzing Matching Patterns in Marriage: Theory and Application to Italian Data

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Paolo Buonanno, Giacomo Plevani, and Marcello Puca

Earthquake Hazard and Civic Capital

(#612) | REPEC link

Tito Boeri, Edoardo di Porto, Paolo Naticchioni, and Vincenzo Scrutinio

Friday Morning Fever. Evidence from a Randomized Experiment on Sick Leave Monitoring in the Public Sector.

(#610) | REPEC link

Florence Kondylis and Mattea Stein

The Speed of Justice

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Paolo Acciari, Facundo Alvaredo, and Salvatore Morelli

The Concentration of Personal Wealth in Italy 1995-2016

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