Matteo Bizzarri, Fabrizio Panebianco, and Paolo Pin

Homophily and Infections: Static and Dynamic Effects

(#672) | REPEC link

Vincenzo Bove, Jessica Di Salvatore, Leandro Elia, and Roberto Nisticò

Mothers at Peace: International Peacebuilding and Post-conflict Fertility

(#670) | REPEC link

Vincenzo Bove, Jessica Di Salvatore, and Roberto Nisticò

Economic Sanctions and Trade Flows in The Neighbourhood

Forthcoming in "The Journal of Law and Economics"

(#669) | REPEC link

Giovanni Andreottola and Elia Sartori

Simplistic Rhetoric and Poe’s Law

(#668) | REPEC link

Emmanuel Caiazzo and Alberto Zazzaro

Bank Diversity and Financial Contagion

(#667) | REPEC link

Antonio Abatemarco, Massimo Aria, Sergio Beraldo, and Michela Collaro

Measuring Access and Inequality of Access to Health Care: a Policy-Oriented Decomposition

(#666) | REPEC link

Giacinta Cestone, Chiara Fumagalli, Francis Kramarz, and Giovanni Pica

Exploiting Growth Opportunities: The Role of Internal Labor Markets

(#663) | REPEC link