Michael Halling, Marco Pagano, Otto Randl, Josef Zechner

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Published in {Review of Financial Studies}, 2008, vol. 21(2), pages 725-761

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Anna Sanz de Galdeano, Daniela Vuri

Does Parental Divorce Affect Adolescents' Cognitive Development? Evidence from Longitudinal Data

Published in {Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics}, 2007, vol. 69, pp. 321-338

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Marco Pagnozzi

Bids as a Vehicle of (Mis)Information: Collusion in English Auctions with Affiliated Values

Published in {Journal of Economics & Management Strategy}, 2011, Vol. 20(4), pp. 1171-1196

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Marco Pagano Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden

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Published in {Oxford Review of Economic Policy}, 2004, vol. 20, pages 531-54. Reprinted in {Handbook of European Financial Markets and Institutions}, edited by X. Freixas, P. Hartmann and C. Mayer, Oxford University Press, New York, 2008.

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Yannis Bilias Michael Haliassos

The Distribution of Gains from Access to Stocks

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Maria Grazia Romano

Learning, Cascades and Transaction Costs

Published in {Review of Finance } , 2007, 11 (3): 527-560

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Anna Sanz De Galdeano

Health Insurance and Job Mobility: Evidence from Clinton's Second Mandate

Published in {Industrial and Labor Relations Review}, 2006, vol. 59, pp. 430-37

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Maria Concetta Chiuri, Giuseppe De Arcangelis Angela Maria D’Uggento, Giovanni Ferri

Illegal Immigration into Italy: Evidence from a field survey

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Published in {Health Economics}, 2007, vol. 16, 4, pp. 327-346

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Marco Pagnozzi

Bidding to Lose? Auctions with Resale

Published in {RAND Journal of Economics}, 2007, 38(4), 1090-1112

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Rebeca Jiménez-Rodríguez

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Published in {The Energy Journal}, 2009, vol. 30, 1, pp. 1-24

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Andrea Ichino, Anna Sanz De Galdeano

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Published in D. Hamermesh and G. Pfann (eds.), {The Economics of Time Use}, Elsevier, 2004

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