Sergio Beraldo, Valerio Filoso and Marco Stimolo

Endogenous Preferences and Conformity: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment

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The Beauty Contest and Short-Term Trading

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Lobbying (Strategically Appointed) Bureaucrats

Published in Constitutional Political Economy, 2015, 26(2): 171-189.

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The Impact of Consumer Multi-homing on Advertising Markets and Media Competition

This paper was previously circulated with the titles “Will the Internet Destroy the News Media?” and “The Impact of the Internet on Advertising Markets for News Media.”

(#379) | REPEC link

Attila Ambrus, Emilio Calvano, and Markus Reisinger

Either or Both Competition: A "Two-sided" Theory of Advertising with Overlapping Viewerships

Forthcoming in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

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Is Historical Cost Accounting a Panacea? Market Stress, Incentive Distortions, and Gains Trading

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Debt, Managers and Cartels

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