Kent Osband, Salvatore Capasso, and Valerio Filoso

The Limits of Limitless Debt

(#662) | REPEC link

Francesco Caruso, Maria Carmela Ceparano, and Jacqueline Morgan

Asymptotic Behavior of Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibria in Stackelberg Games

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Ritesh Jain, Ville Korpela, and Michele Lombardi

Two-Player Rationalizable Implementation

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On Hurwicz Preferences in Psychological Games

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Information Asymmetry, External Certification, and the Cost of Bank Debt

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Opening The Labor Market to Qualified Immigrants in Absence of Linguistic Barriers

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Martin Chegere, Paolo Falco, Marco Nieddu, Lorenzo Pandolfi, and Mattea Stein

It’s a Sure Win! Experimental evidence on overconfidence in betting behavior

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Assessing the Impact of Country-Specific Sovereign Risk on Financial and Banking System in EMU: the Role of Italy

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Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli, and Geoff Kenny

Wealth Shocks and Portfolio Choice

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Marco Pagano and Josef Zechner

COVID-19 and Corporate Finance

Forthcoming in The Review of Corporate Finance Studies

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A Measure of Social Loss for Production Economies with Externalities

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Consumption and Income Expectations during Covid-19

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Heterogeneous Paths to Stability

Forthcoming in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A

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Marco Pagano and Luca Picariello

Corporate Governance, Favoritism and Careers

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