Maria Gabriella Graziano, Claudia Meo and Nicholas C. Yannelis

Stable Sets for Exchange Economies with Interdependent Preferences

Published in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2017, Vol.140, 267-286

(#461) | REPEC link

Roberto Basile, Alessandro Girardi, Marianna Mantuano, and Giuseppe Russo

Interregional Migration, Human Capital Externalities and Unemployment Dynamics: Evidence from Italian Provinces

Published in German Economic Review, 2019, vol. 20:4, 385-414

(#460) | REPEC link

Anna Maria C. Menichini and Francesca Toscano

Credit Ratings, CEO Entrenchment, and Turnover: The Information Content of Credit Ratings Beyond Firm Performance

An earlier version of this paper has been circulated under the title "Rating Change and CEO Turnover"

(#459) | REPEC link

Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli and Maarten van Rooij

Trust in the Central Bank and Inflation Expectations

Published in International Journal of Central Banking, 2020, Vol. 16(1), 1-38

(#458) | REPEC link

Michele Di Maio and Roberto Nisticò

The Effect of Parental Job Loss on Child School Dropout: Evidence from the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Published in {Journal of Development Economics}, 2019, Vol. 141, 102375

(#456) | REPEC link

Stefano Filomeni, Gregory F. Udell and Alberto Zazzaro

Hardening Soft Information: How Far Has Technology Taken Us?

(#455) | REPEC link

Tullio Jappelli and Annalisa Scognamiglio

Monetary Policy, Mortgages and Consumption: Evidence from Italy

Published in {Economic Policy}, 2018, 33(94), pp. 183-224

(#454) | REPEC link

Markus K. Brunnermeier, Sam Langfield, Marco Pagano, Ricardo Reis, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, and Dimitri Vayanos

ESBies: Safety in the Tranches

Published in {Economic Policy}, April, Vol. 32, Issue 90, pp. 175–219, 2017

(#453) | REPEC link

Vincenzo Bove, Claudio Deiana and Roberto Nisticò

Global Arms Trade and Oil Dependence

Published in {The Journal of Economics, Law & Organization}, 2018, Vol. 34 (2), 272-299. A former version of this paper was circulated under the title "Energy (in)security and the Arms Trade".

(#452) | REPEC link

Susan Athey, Emilio Calvano and Saumitra Jha

A Theory of Community Formation and Social Hierarchy

(#451) | REPEC link

Yi Huang, Marco Pagano, and Ugo Panizza

Local Crowding Out in China

A former version of this paper was circulated under the title “Public Debt and Private Firm Funding: Evidence from Chinese Cities”. Published in Journal of Finance, Vol. 75, Issue 6, 2855-2898, 2020.

(#450) | REPEC link

Luca Anderlini, Leonardo Felli and Giovanni Immordino

Costly Pretrial Agreements

Published in {Journal of Legal Studies}, 2019, Vol. 48, 159-188

(#449) | REPEC link

Cristian Barra, Ornella Wanda Maietta and Roberto Zotti

Innovation and University-Firm R&D Collaboration in the European Food and Drink Industry

(#447) | REPEC link

Astrid Gamba, Giovanni Immordino and Salvatore Piccolo

Corruption, Organized Crime and the Bright Side of Subversion of Law

Published in {Journal of Public Economics}, 2018, 159, pp.79-88.

(#446) | REPEC link

Giovanni Immordino and Francesco Flaviano Russo

Cashless Payments and Tax Evasion

Published in {European Journal of Political Economy}, 2018, 55, 36-43

(#445) | REPEC link

Tommaso Oliviero, Agnese Sacchi, Annalisa Scognamiglio and Alberto Zazzaro

House Prices and Immovable Property Taxes: Evidence from OECD Countries

Published in Metroeconomica, 2019, vol.70, pp. 776 - 792

(#444) | REPEC link

Achille Basile, Maria Gabriella Graziano Maria Papadaki and Ioannis A. Polyrakis

Cones with Semi-interior Points and Equilibrium

Published in Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2017, 36-48

(#443) | REPEC link

Achille Basile, Maria Gabriella Graziano and Ciro Tarantino

Coalitional Fairness with Participation Rates

Published in Journal of Economics, 2018 ,Vol.123, 97-139

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