Giuseppe Russo and Luigi Senatore

A Note on Contribution Games with Loss Functions

Published in {Economics Letters}, 2012, 115(2), 211–214

(#302) | REPEC link

Henry Bonnel Jacqueline Morgan

Optimality Conditions for Semivectorial Bilevel Convex Optimal Control Problems

Published in {Computational and Analytical Mathematics}, H.Bauschke & M.Théra (eds), 2012.

(#301) | REPEC link

Marcello0 D'Amato and Christian Di Pietro

Occupational Mobility and Wealth Evolution in a Simple Model of Educational Investment with Credit Market Imperfections

Published in {The Journal of Economic Inequality}, 2014, 12(1), 73-98

(#300) | REPEC link

Giuseppe De Marco Maria Romaniello

A Limit Theorem for Equilibria under Ambiguous Beliefs Correspondences

Published in {Mathematical Social Sciences}, 2013, Vol. 66(3), pp. 431–438

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Salvatore Capasso and Tullio Jappelli

Financial Development and the Underground Economy

Published in {Journal of Development Economics}, 2013, vol. 101, pp. 167–178

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Antonio Acconcia, Alfredo Del Monte, Luca Pennacchio and Germana Scepi

IPO Underpricing and the Location of Firms

A former version of this paper was circulated under the title "Underpricing and Firm’s Distance from Financial Centre: Evidence from three European Countries"

(#295) | REPEC link

Carlo Altavilla and Floro E. Caroleo

Asymmetric Effects of National-based Active Labour Market Policies

Published in {Regional Studies}, 2013, 47(9), 1482-150

(#293) | REPEC link

Marialaura Pesce

Are Asymmetrically Informed Agents Envious?

Published in {Metroeconomica}, 2017, 68, p. 2-21

(#292) | REPEC link

Riccardo Martina and Salvatore Piccolo

A Note on the Value of Residual Claimancy with Competing Vertical Hierarchies

Published with the title "Endogenous Residual Claimancy by Vertical Hierarchies" in {Economics Letters}, 2014, 122(3), 423-427.

(#291) | REPEC link

Cristian Barra, Sergio Destefanis and Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera

Risk and Regulation: The Efficiency of Italian Cooperative Banks

(#290) | REPEC link

Giuseppe Russo

Voting over Selective Immigration Policies with Immigration Aversion

Published in {Economics of Governance}, 2011, vol. 4, pp. 300-326

(#289) | REPEC link

Matteo Bassi, Marco Pagnozzi, Salvatore Piccolo

Transparency and Product Differentiation with Competing Vertical Hierarchies

Forthcoming in Journal of Economics & Management Strategy

(#288) | REPEC link

Francisco Delgado, Bernard Dumas and Giovanni W. Puopolo

Hysteresis Bands and Transaction Costs

Published with the title "Hysteresis Bands on Returns, Holding Period and Transaction Costs" in {Journal of Banking and Finance}, 2015, 57, pp. 86-100

(#287) | REPEC link

Giovanni W. Puopolo

The Dynamics of Tobin’s q

Forthcoming in the {Review of Finance}

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Dimitris Christelis Loretti I. Dobrescu Alberto Motta

Early Life Conditions and Financial Risk–Taking  in Older Age

(#285) | REPEC link

Marco Pagano and Giovanni Pica

Finance and Employment

Published in {Economic Policy}, 2012, 27(69), 5–55

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