Ciro Avitabile

Does Conditionality Matter for Adults' Health? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment

Published with the title "Does Information Improve the Health Behavior of Adults Targeted by a Conditional Transfer Program?", in {Journal of Human Resources Summer } 2012 vol. 47 no. 3 785-825.

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Ciro Avitabile

Advantageous Selection in the Private Hospital Insurance Market in Europe: Evidence on the Role of Education and Cognitive Ability

A former version of this paper was circulated under the title “The Health Insurance Puzzle in Europe: The Role of Information”.

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Giovanni Immordino, Marco Pagano and Michele Polo

Incentives to Innovate and Social Harm: Laissez-Faire, Authorization or Penalties?

Published in {Journal of Public Economics}, 2011, 95(7-8), 864–876

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Andreas Hackethal, Michael Haliassos and Tullio Jappelli

Financial Advisors: A Case of Babysitters?

Published in {Journal of Banking & Finance}, 2012, 36(2), 509-524

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Jakub Kastl David Martimort Salvatore Piccolo

"When Should Manufacturers Want Fair Trade?": New Insights from Asymmetric Information

Published in {Journal of Economics & Management Strategy}, 2011, Vol. 20, 649-677.

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Xavier Boutin Giacinta Cestone Chiara Fumagalli Giovanni Pica Nicolas Serrano-Velarde

The Deep-Pocket Effect of Internal Capital Markets

Published with the title 'The Deep-Pocket Eff ect of Internal Capital Markets', in {The Journal of Financial Economics}, 2013, 109(1), pp. 122-145.

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Marcello D'Amato and Vincenzo Galasso

Political Intergenerational Risk Sharing

Published in {Journal of Public Economics}, 2010, 94(9-10), 628-637

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Francesca Stroffolini

Access Profit-Sharing Regulation with Information Transmission and Acquisition

Published in {Research in Economics}, 2012, 66(2), 161-174

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Dimitris Christelis Dimitris Georgarakos

Household Economic Decisions under the Shadow of Terrorism

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Luigi Guiso, Tullio Jappelli

Financial Literacy and Portfolio Diversification

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