Giovanni Andreottola and Antoni-Italo de Moragas

Scandals, Media Competition and Political Accountability

(#557) | REPEC link

Paolo Berti, Carla Guerriero and Rosella Levaggi

Hospitals' Strategic Behaviours and Patient Mobility: Evidence from Italy

(#555) | REPEC link

Mariagrazia Cavallo and Giuseppe Russo

Lost in Translation: Reading Performance and Math Performance of Second-Generation Children in Italy

Published in Journal of Human Capital, 2023

(#554) | REPEC link

Marco Pagano

Risk Sharing within the Firm: A Primer

Published in Foundations and Trends in Finance, Vol. 12, No. 2, 117-198, 2020

(#553) | REPEC link

Antonio Acconcia, Marcello D’Amato, Riccardo Martina and Marisa Ratto

The Response of Taxpayer Compliance to the Large Shock of Italian Unification

Forthcoming in the European Journal of Political Economy, 2021, No. 102158. An earlier version of this paper has been circulated under the title "Long-run Effects of a Change in Institutions: Evidence on Tax Compliance".

(#551) | REPEC link

Valentino Dardanoni and Carla Guerriero

Children's Willingness to Pay for Environmental Protection

(#550) | REPEC link

Chiara Fumagali and Massimo Motta

Tying in Evolving Industries, When Future Entry Cannot be Deterred

Published in International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2020, Vol. 73, No. 102567, pp 1-23

(#548) | REPEC link

Jorge Padilla and Salvatore Piccolo

Does Direct Connect Benefit Travelers?

(#547) | REPEC link

Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Lionel Fontagné, Gianluca Orefice,Giovanni Pica, and Anna Rosso

TBTs, Firm Organization and Labour Structure

Published in The Review of International Economics, 2023

(#545) | REPEC link

Achille Basile, Robert P. Gilles, Maria Gabriella Graziano and Marialaura Pesce

The Core of Economies with Collective Goods and a Social Division of Labor

Forthcoming in Economic Theory

(#544) | REPEC link

Marcello D’Amato, Niall O’Higgins and Marco Stimolo

The Giver as a General in Her Fortunes. Experimental Evidence on Trust, Inequality and Growth (or Decline)

Forthcoming in the Journal of Institutional Economics with title "On Inequality, Growth and Trust: Some Evidence from The Lab", 2021, pp. 1-16

(#543) | REPEC link

Michele Bisceglia, Jorge Padilla and Salvatore Piccolo

When Prohibiting Platform Parity Agreements Harms Consumers

(#542) | REPEC link

Francesco Caruso, Maria Beatrice Lignola and Jacqueline Morgan

Regularization and Approximation Methods in Stackelberg Games and Bilevel Optimization

(#541) | REPEC link

Anna D’Annunzio, Mohammed Mardan and Antonio Russo

Multi-part Tariffs and Differentiated Commodity Taxation

Forthcoming in {RAND Journal of Economics}

(#540) | REPEC link

Christian Di Pietro, Maria Gabriella Graziano and Vincenzo Platino

Social Loss with Respect to the Core of an Economy with Externalities

Published in Economic Theory, 2020

(#538) | REPEC link