Gülen Karakoç, Marco Pagnozzi, Salvatore Piccolo and Giovanni Walter Puopolo

Information Acquisition and Financial Advice

(#587) | REPEC link

Anna Laura Baraldi, Giovanni Immordino and Marco Stimolo

Mafia Wears Out Women in Power: Evidence from Italian Municipalities

(#586) | REPEC link

Vincenzo Atella, Edoardo Di Porto, Johanna Kopinska and Maarten Lindeboom

Maternal Stress and Offspring Lifelong Labor Market Outcomes

(#584) | REPEC link

Jorge Padilla, Joe Perkins and Salvatore Piccolo

Self-Preferencing in Markets with Vertically-Integrated Gatekeeper Platforms

(#582) | REPEC link

Timo Autio, Jorge Padilla, Salvatore Piccolo, Pekka Sääskilahti and Lotta Väänänen

On the Risk of Using a Firm-Level Approach to Identify Relevant Markets

(#581) | REPEC link

Sergio Beraldo, Michela Collaro and Immacolata Marino

Do Harder Local Budget Constraints Affect Patient Mobility?

(#580) | REPEC link

Brian Nolan, Juan Palomino, Philippe Van Kerm and Salvatore Morelli

Intergenerational Transfers by Size and Wealth Inequality in Rich Countries

(#578) | REPEC link

Giulia Bettin, Claudia Pigini and Alberto Zazzaro

Financial Inclusion and Poverty Transitions: An Empirical Analysis for Italy

(#577) | REPEC link

Brunella Bruno, Immacolata Marino, and Giacomo Nocera

Internal Ratings, Non-Performing Loans, and Bank Opacity: Evidence from Analysts’ Forecasts

A former version of this paper was circulated under the title “Do Internal Rating Models Mitigate Bank Opacity? Evidence from Analysts’ Forecasts".

(#576) | REPEC link

Tullio Jappelli and Luigi Pistaferri

Permanent Income Shocks, Target Wealth, and the Wealth Gap

(#574) | REPEC link

Enrique Andreu, Damien Neven and Salvatore Piccolo

Delegated Sales, Agency Costs and the Competitive Effects of List Price

(#573) | REPEC link

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Policies and Instruments for Self-Enforcing Treaties

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Tristan Gagnon-Bartsch, Marco Pagnozzi and Antonio Rosato

Projection of Private Values in Auctions

(#571) | REPEC link

Francesco Flaviano Russo

Epidemics and Policy: The Dismal Trade-off

(#570) | REPEC link

Edoardo Di Porto, Paolo Naticchioni and Vincenzo Scutinio

Partial Lockdown and the Spread of Covid-19: Lessons from the Italian Case

(#569) | REPEC link

Mario F. Carillo and Tullio Jappelli

Pandemics and Local Economic Growth: Evidence from the Great Influenza in Italy

Published in European Review of Economic History with title "Pandemic and Regional Economic Growth: Evidence from the Great Influenza in Italy", 2021, heab009

(#568) | REPEC link