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Quality and Selection in Regulated Professions

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Fertility Decisions and Employment Protection: The Unintended Consequences of the Italian Jobs Act

Forthcoming in Economic Policy

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Academic Careers and Fertility Decisions

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Financial Risk Taking and Differential Bargaining Power Within the Household

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The Quality of Governance in Europe: A Guide for the Perplexed

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Francesco Flaviano Russo

Testing Policies During an Epidemic

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The Covid-19 Crisis and Consumption: Survey Evidence from Six EU Countries

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Ercio Munõz and Salvatore Morelli

kmr: A Command to Correct Survey Weights for Unit Nonresponse using Groups’ Response Rates

Published in The Stata Journal, 2021, with title "kmr: A STATA Command to Correct Survey Weights for Unit Nonresponse"

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Vincenzo D’Apice, Franco Fiordelisi and Giovanni Walter Puopolo

Judicial Efficiency and Lending Quality

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Information Acquisition and Financial Advice

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Mafia Wears Out Women in Power: Evidence from Italian Municipalities

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Maternal Stress and Offspring Lifelong Labor Market Outcomes

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Self-Preferencing in Markets with Vertically-Integrated Gatekeeper Platforms

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On the Risk of Using a Firm-Level Approach to Identify Relevant Markets

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Do Harder Local Budget Constraints Affect Patient Mobility?

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