Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli, Luigi Pistaferri and Maarten van Rooij

Wealth Shocks and MPC Heterogeneity

Published in European Economic Review with title "Heterogeneous Wealth Effects",August 2021, Vol. 137, 103805

(#531) | REPEC link

Chiara Donnini and Marialaura Pesce

Absence of Envy Among “Neighbors” can be Enough

published in The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2021, vol. 21, no. 1, pp. 187-204

(#528) | REPEC link

Andrea Bellucci, Luca Pennacchio and Alberto Zazzaro

R&D Subsidies and Firms’ Debt Financing

(#527) | REPEC link

Tullio Jappelli, Immacolata Marino and Mario Padula

Pension Uncertainty and Demand for Retirement Saving

Published in The Review of Income and Wealth, 2021, with the title "Social Security Uncertainty and Demand for Retirement Saving"

(#526) | REPEC link

Giuseppe De Marco

On the Convexity of Preferences in Decisions and Games Under (quasi-)convex/concave Imprecise Probability Correspondences

Published in International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 2019, 113, 256–286

(#523) | REPEC link

Chiara Fumagali, Massimo Motta

Dynamic Vertical Foreclosure

Forthcoming in Journal of Law and Economics

(#522) | REPEC link

Maria Rosaria Carillo, Vincenzo Lombardo and Alberto Zazzaro

The Rise and Fall of Family Firms in the Process of Development

(#521) | REPEC link

Anna Maria C. Menichini and Maria Grazia Romano

Does the Master’s Eye Fatten the Cattle? Maintenance and Care of Collateral under Purchase and Leasing Contracts

An earlier version of this paper has been circulated under the title "Does the Master's Eye Make the Horse Fat? Maintenance of Collateral and Asset Care under Purchase and Leasing Contracts"

(#520) | REPEC link

Giovanni Immordino, Salvatore Piccolo and Paolo Roberti

Criminal Networks, Market Externalities and Optimal Leniency

(#519) | REPEC link

Edoardo Di Porto, Enrica Maria Martino and Paolo Naticchioni

Back to Black? The Impact of Regularizing Migrant Workers

(#517) | REPEC link

Alessia Lo Turco, Daniela Maggioni and Alberto Zazzaro

Financial Dependence and Growth: the Role of Input-Output Linkages

(#516) | REPEC link

Michele Bisceglia, Salvatore Piccolo and Emanuele Tarantino

M&A Advisory and the Merger Review Process

(#515) | REPEC link

Marco M. Sorge

Computing Sunspot Solutions to Rational Expectations Models with Timing Restrictions

Published in The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 2020, 20(2): 20180256

(#514) | REPEC link

Brunella Bruno and Immacolata Marino

How Do Banks Respond to Non-Performing Loans?

A previous version has been circulated under the title “How Banks Respond to NPLs? Evidence from the Euro Area".

(#513) | REPEC link